Fall 2021 Season Information

School and Coached Contact Information
All School and Coaching information has been reset. Prior to being activated for schedule entry you will be required to provide School and Coaching information. This needed to be updated to insure we can get information out to our schools.

You will notice a new checkbox for Principals, AD's and Coaches to be emailed and texted to verify upcoming home games. This notification will be sent out on Thursday for the following weeks games (Monday - Saturday)

Click on Button Below to Download Fall 2021 Contract for Services
Fall 2021 Contract for Services

Season Dates

GHSA Registration Deadline1/18/21Online
(Start) GHSA Online Rules Clinc1/12/21learn.ghsa.net
(End) GHSA Online Rules Clinc2/1/21learn.ghsa.net
(Start) NFHS/GHSA Rules Exam1/19/21exam.ghsa.net
(End) NFHS/GHSA Rules Exam2/1/21exam.ghsa.net
Last Regular Season Games4/16/21GHSA Only
Playoffs Start4/20/21GHSA Only
State Finals5/15/21McEachern, Mercer, TDB

The Georgia Soccer Official's Association (GSOA) is the largest high school sports official’s association in the State of Georgia. GSOA serves more than 300 schools in the Atlanta Metro Area to the North (see map at bottom of the page). GSOA has approximately 360+ members. Its membership is comprised of most of the top referees in the State of Georgia and Southeast. Our association provides soccer referees for some of the top high school soccer programs in the nation. GSOA is proud provider of soccer referees to the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), Georgia Association of Private & Parochial Schools (GAPPS), Georgia Independent School Association (GISA), Coweta County, Douglas County, DeKalb, Atlanta Public Schools and Fulton County Middle School soccer leagues. The information portion of this website is open to all. Please bookmark the main GSOA page (www.gsoa.net) to ensure you see all updates in the future.

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