Game Level/Crew Configuration

Referee fee per game

Assistant Referee fee per game

Varsity 3 Person



Varsity 2 Person



Junior Varsity 2 Person



Middle School 2 Person




Typical double-header assignment fees for both games

Referee 1 game, Assistant Referee 1 game

$100 total

Assistant Referee 2 games

$82 total

Referee 2 games (dual system)

$118 total

JV Referee 2 games (dual system)

$92 total



1.   All referee game fees are net of assignor fees

2.   The vast majority of JV and MS assignments are two-person crews.  For JV/Varsity double headers, the JV game might be assigned a three-person crew

3.   Some middle school games may be assigned a single referee

4.   Mileage is paid separately, and mileage rates are calculated at the end of the season.