Information for Prospective New Members

Requirements to join GSOA: (Click Here to Complete Application Form)

  • Must be at least 19 years old
  • Graduated High School
  • Must be or have been a certified USSF Referee
  • Must take entry level referee clinic for High School Referees
  • Be a member in good standing with GSOA.

Annual New Member and Recertification Meeting 

GSOA holds one annual new member/recertification meeting plus one make up meeting.  The first clinic will be held December 14, 2019 at Greater Atlanta Christian School, Lilburn, GA. The second clinic will be held January 4, 2020 at Westminster School, Atlanta, GA. Last clinic will be held January 11, 2020 (Tentative) at Clarke Central HS in Athens, GA. You must attend this session in order to referee for our association during the Spring 2020 high school season
It is important to note that, at times  our annual new member and recertification meeting falls on a day when a lot of club tournaments are played.  While we make every attempt to avoid conflicts with club tournaments, registration deadlines imposed on us by the Georgia High School Association (the largest interscholastic competition authority in the state) are absolutely fixed.  To put it plainly, if you want to referee high school soccer, you’re likely to miss one day of club refereeing.  There’s just no way around it, unfortunately. 
Our certification year runs from Spring through Fall.  While most interscholastic competitions (including GHSA) hold their competitions in the Spring, a small number of high school and middle schools have Fall competitions.  You’ll be eligible to work those games in the first Fall after you certify (Fall 2019). 

Fitness Test

During the meeting, you will be required to run a fitness test. The results of the test will qualify you to do varsity or sub-varsity games, based on your results.  You can find the details on our website,here

New Member Clinic

At the December meeting, there will be breakout sessions for new members, plus separate training sessions for returning members.   
Part of the new member clinic focuses on highlighting the differences between the Laws of the Game in the USSF competitions you work now and the rules of the game that govern high school games.  There are several important distinctions of which to be aware.  If you want to get a head start on reviewing those, you can review a comparison document, available  here  

GHSA Online Clinic and Rules Test

After the December session, there will be an online rules clinic and rules test facilitated by GHSA.  You must complete the clinic and pass the rules test in order to referee in GHSA sanctioned matches. 

How Much Does It Cost to Join GSOA?

First year members can expect to pay nothing for their first year. You'll receive further instructions via email after you submit your preregistration form at  

Returning members and new members who transfer from another referee association will pay $85 per year.

Associate Membership

Associate memberships are available to skilled high school seniors who would like to join GSOA early and work middle school games. This program is open only to promising high school seniors. If you are interested, please contact our 2nd VP of Referees, Patrick Baker: 

Game Fees

Referee fees vary based on the level of the game and the number of referees assigned to the game. In a typical varsity assignment, AR fees are $37 each and the referee fee is $55. Fees for other games vary and will be reviewed during your new member session. Assignor fees have already been deducted from these amounts. 
Referees are also paid mileage expenses. The mileage rate varies each season and is determined by VP of Schools at the end of the season. 
Finally, please note that all referee fees are paid at the end of the season. This typically takes place at the end of the season, at our June meeting. Please plan accordingly.   

Important Facts about GSOA

Unlike club soccer in Georgia, our association is independent of both the competition authority (GHSA and others) and the competitors (schools, in our case).  We are a non-profit organization that exists solely for the benefit of our referee members.  Our mission is to train, assign and manage referees for the schools we service.  The business affairs of GSOA are attended by a Board of Directors who are active referees and are elected directly by the membership of the association.  Our elected officers are not paid for their services. 

What Can I do Now?

  • Make sure you review the fitness requirements, and don’t wait until two weeks before the test to prepare! 
  • Review the rules comparison document and familiarize yourself with the key differences between the codes 
  • Watch soccer!  Tune in to the numerous high level competitions going on over the summer and fall and observe the referees 
  • Recruit your friends.  We are always on the lookout for good referees to add to our ranks.